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  • Well done on taking your first step. We know it wasn't an easy move, so before you hit the button below, we're going to walk you through the process, which leads you home to The Olympus Projects.

  • Seize your will and we'll help you master your might. We’ll be there with you every step of the way, pulling you through even on your less motivated days. We’ll show you how to unleash that mighty mental and physical capability within you, so you can master and own it.





  • Your induction begins with a tour of the facilities, where you'll learn about the services we offer and their benefits to you. Then we’ll explore your personal goals.


  • Next, we obtain your measurements and put you through some physical protocols, which will show us your strengths and limitations as well as the improvements you need.


  • We’ll finish your induction with one of our special smoothies, fully welcoming you into the family.




  • After your assessment, we’ll create your file containing bespoke nutritional and class recommendations tailored to achieving your goals.

  • You'll be set tasks aimed at driving your physical development and mental resilience as you journey to master your might in true Olympus Projects fashion.


  • And, remember, your first month is a trial, so you're not contract bound. It's our duty to teach you new skills and help you settle in. At the end of your programme, if you decide we're not for you, we'll offer you a full refund with our farewells.

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