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Average Bod to GREEK GOD


Are YOU Tired of turning up to the gym and working out for weeks, only to experience no strength increase, no improvement to your fitness and No real changes to your body?

So was Sophie! After an eternity of training in commercial gyms and attempting online training programs, she changed tactics and came seeking us.

Watch video to see how she rapidly achieved her life changing transformation!




  1. knowledgeable coaches are vital to make seemingly impossible goals a reality.​

  2. Motivation is difficult to sustain. You need people on a similar journey around, so they can champion you when you waiver like you did in the past.


Unlike most Group PT studios or gyms, at The Olympus Projects you have a dedicated team catering to your training, nutrition and wellbeing.


Plus you’re in a positive environment surrounded by our friendly members, who currently sit at different levels in their fitness journeys, but are all dedicated to accomplishing their goals.

Your only responsibility is to turn up, enjoy the specific session programmed for you, and experience the godlike transformation, made possible by the 3 the BIG factors we intricately implement in every program.

The same factors that lead to Sophie's transformation and that of many others!

Thousands of case studies have shown two facts to remain true when aiming to transform your body:

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The results created from Implementing these 3 factors are undeniable! and like our members, you too can achieve a transformation that makes you unrecognisable to friends and family! A transformation that unleashes your inner GREEK GOD!

All  you have to do is push the button And a friendly member of our team will contact you to arrange a tour and free trial, so you can experience what we do.




  • 3 Personal Training sessions per week=£660 per month

  • 45 mins consultation with a Nutritionist= £75 

  • Monthly measurements, goal reassessment and check in with nutritionist =£90

  • Bespoke Gym membership: £75 per month

  • 12 week body transformation programme £1200- £3000



If found individually elsewhere, the services covered in the Average bod to Greek god  program would cost this much:

Join now to enjoy all this at our current discounted offer of  20% off for your first 3 months at only 




per month

Maintaining a high coaching quality and great individual experience is our ultimate goal, hence our group Personal training sessions only permits a max of 6 people in them! This limits the amount of new members we can physically take on. 


 It’s not too late to join now and make this the summer that changes everything for you! To experience a life changing transformation, like Sophie's and many of our other members, Push the button below to secure your opportunity, before it's lost to someone else!

⚔️Plus get 25% cash back on your first month's membership.

⚔️With a full cash back refund guarantee if you don’t experience life changing results after following the program.

⚔️ Non contractual membership, so you can leave by giving us a 4wks notice, should you ever need to.

Here is what our happy members think about us and our process.


What 3 Factors transformed Sophie?



These three factors are what she never accounted for in her own training, but when we implemented them, the effects were life changing.



  1. SKILL BASED CARDIO SESSIONS! These ensure, your brain is constantly processing, hence you're not just working your cardiovascular and muscular systems, but your central nervous system too. This helps burn more calories and more importantly forces more physiological changes, as the right type of cardio is paired with the correct form of resistance training suitable to your body type.

  2. PERIODISED STRENGTH SESSIONS, which allows us to safely and progressively  improve your strength, whether you're a beginner or intermediate. It’s here that your muscle development and tone comes into play.

  3. INTELLIGENT NUTRITION is 70-80% responsible for physical changes your body undergoes. We take responsibility for this with our team of professional nutritionists, who interact with you to learn your habits and  find out what nutrient deficiencies are sabotaging your journey.


Individually, these factors are common! What makes them exceptional, is the unique way we combine them within our programs, This is how we instantly create optimum, life changing results:

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