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What is the Greek god challenge?



Ancient Greek philosophies, combined with sport science  to create faster, Jaw dropping changes that remain that way for longer.


The se are the simples points that have transformed the lives of the many before you:


🔱TRAINING VARIETY: All Bodies aren't the same, hence our programs target these factors independently, by selecting the type and volume of cardio activity that gets paired with your resistance training to kick start you body into optimum results                                                                                    .


🔱SKILL WORK: Our cardio sessions are skill based! Which ensure, your brain is constantly processing, so you're not just working your cardiovascular and muscular systems, but your central nervous system too, this encourages your body to burn more calories! 


🔱INTELLIGENT PROGRAMING: Our strength sessions are periodised ,which allows us to safely and progressively upgrade you, regardless of your level. It’s here that your muscle development and tone is targeted.


🔱NUTRITION: 80% of how your body looks, is attributed to nutrition. In your case, responsibility of this lays with our team of nutritionist, who learn your habits to find out what nutrient deficiencies are slowing down your journey and create a realistic plan for you, regardless if you're vegan or a carnivore.

(Meal prep options available)


click the button below to have one of our friendly members of staff  contact you to arrange your free taster session and answer any questions you may have

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Small print

What you get

⚔️Every session will only have a max of 6 people per class, that way you get       attention to detail and expert coaching whether you are a beginner or experienced.

⚔️Access to our state of the art, members only, private gym.  

⚔️Unlimited access to all classes per week. 

⚔️Structured meal plan with options created by our nutritionist to fit your lifestyle, and a meal prep delivery service, for those with time frame

⚔️Highly experienced trainers to coach, motivate and hold you Accountable. 

⚔️Goal tracking system that combines strength measurement and a Before and after body fat analysis.

⚔️Access to coaches and nutritionist who are present to support you out of hours helping you towards your results..

⚔️The opportunity to be part of a fun, ego free community, with a budding culture, filled with fun social events. 

⚔️Non contractual memberships. 

⚔️Full refund if you don't find the challenge life changing.

 member's review

"I only came because i wanted to lose some belly fat. My friends are still  shocked by the  how different i am. looked this good since i was in my 20's!"​



 member's review

"My initial goal was to get healthier and make fitness not feel like a chore, so I  actually did not believe my body would change like this. the feeling of power when I train, is just liberating"​



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