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Herculean Trials

How our programs change lives now


FORGET every fitness plan or program that failed you previously, the affirmative action you take from this point is all that matters. By implementing our unique, result proven, training principles and methods, nothing will be the same!

We use scientifically periodised programs to create measurable progression, with exercises that link back to ancient history.

From Strength, combat to cardio and conditioning based programs, plus your own nutritionist on stand by. All curated to lead you to your full potential. 

Our programs are delivered Within a 6 person environment, to optimise coaching standards, as you're guided on your fitness journey.

You will leave our combat based session feeling like gods of war, Ares or Athena! Whilst 'Herculean trials', our Strongman/conditioning hybrid session will teach you to move safely and progressively in different directions and positions, till you go from beginner to feeling like a powerful  Demi god … 

Just like one of our members confirms, "Mentally I feel so much stronger than ever and it was fun to see the Shocked and Impressed looks on my friend's faces when we got to the beach"

Still unsure and want to experience it before you commit

You can attend a trial session first. Worth £15, but our current offer makes it free for your first time

As you can tell from our small class sizes, keeping coaching standards and member's experience high is our objective, hence we can physically only take on a few new members!


So click Now to Transform yourself forever, with our program! Before someone else takes yourplace.

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Sign Up

  • Once you take your first step by clicking the START NOW button, we'll send you an app invitation and a welcome email containing some nutrition and wellbeing forms to fill out so we can get you started immediately.

  • We will then instruct you on what session to book.


1-2-1 induction

  • Your induction session will involve us accessing your movement, capabilities, and collectively setting some fitness and health related goals.


  • Here you will get guidance on program selection, and SMART goals, which are aimed at leading you to your desired destination.


Start your journey

  • After your assessment, we'll help you select the sessions that will help lead you towards your desired goal.

  • We’ll finish your session with one of our special complimentary smoothies, fully welcoming you to the team.

  • Remember, your first month is a trial, so you're not contract bound, if you decide you're not happy, we'll offer you a full refund with our well wishes.

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