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Master Your Might


Welcome to The Olympus Projects

The answer to your fitness puzzle

Transform now, beyond your wildest imagination, using our refined methods and unique, result delivering, mythological influenced training styles.

Experience fitness in Manchester, done like never before!

Are you tired of aimlessly roaming around your gym, wondering what exercises to perform and what to eat for your fat loss or muscle gain quest  

Benefit now from professional nutritionists, who are available to you 24/7 via email or zoom, to provide you with the key tips you're missing, that currently impact your lifestyle and halt any fitness goals.

Be motivated and guided by a professional team of trainers, who coach and champion you on your journey to success.



The Olympus Projects

Where you learn to Master Your Might.

From the moment you walk through our doors, everything is geared towards placing you in a mental state of high achievement and self belief. This is the beginning of a journey that will lead you to an incredible mental and physical progression like never before.

Our unique approach to fitness centres around you as an individual 'project' of Olympus. We ensure your training sessions cater to your goals.

Guiding you to select the sessions, that lead to optimum results and new, athletic, skill development.

Every one of our sessions leaves you able to answer these three questions confidently:

  • Why was I doing that?

  • What did I learn?

  • What did I improve?

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